Friday, September 18, 2009

To Enjoy One's Own Company

I went to the movies last night to see "Julie and Julia" - totally relatable (the love of cooking part) and such a feel-good film. (Thank goodness it was the "Original Version" - as you know I'm studying in France, and feared watching a dubbed Meryl!)

I was supposed to go and see the film with a friend, but at the last minute she cancelled and couldn't come. I didn't mind, and didn't consider changing my plans as I've wanted to see the film for a long time.
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On my way out of the dorms I ran into a friend who asked me what I was heading off to do; when I replied "movies" she smiled and asked automatically, "With who?"

"Alone," I smiled back happily.

She truly looked shocked - as if I had just grown a horn in the middle of my forehead.
What a reaction! Had she never experienced the joy of going to the movies alone?

Has anyone else recieved this aghast reaction when going to see a movie tout seul?


Char said...

yes and I don't get why people are shocked. I mean once I get there I don't know someone is beside me once the movie starts anyway. I immerse totally and talking during movies is a big pet peeve.

candy said...

i'd rather go to the movies alone than with someone. in fact there are only a few people i know who i can stand going to see films with. if i'm seeing a film which i know is going to be important to me i need to be alone so i can take it in with no distractions. i like going to romantic comedies with girlfriends, but other than that, alone is usually where it's at :)

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