Monday, September 21, 2009

What Would YOU Do?

I recently was alerted to this interesting experiment via A Cup of Jo. Years ago, to test the self-discipline of children, scientests put them in a room with a marshmallow and told them that if they didn't eat it within a certain period of time, they'd get another one.

This funny video is a modern day chronicle of the experiment - and it's hiliarious!

If I were put in that situation I would've/(still would!) cave and eat it! What would you do?

Damn... now I'm craving marshmallows.


Char said...

I would have waited...but the sitting the chair part would have driven me crazy

Maggie May said...

For me it would totally depend on the day and my sugar levels!

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Hello Lindello said...

I saw this too. Omg, so funny. I love the first kid. What torture! I think I would probably eat it right away.

Annie@A View On Design said...

ah yes, this was done again recently in A Child of Our Time by the BBC series people... they say that what the child does in the test, is most likely their response to the same situation as an adult... sort of cute - sort of troubling!! haha

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