Friday, October 16, 2009

And Then Life Drops You...

So today was a down day. The momentum stopped & life threw me, "THUD!", on the ground. Feeling tired, over it.

But a talk with P. , some homely vegemite spread with delicious French butter on crackers & tea cheered me up... I'm slowly pulling myself together.

And I a big part of me relates to nerdy Liz Lemon on her year abroad in "Frankfurt".


Hello Lindello said...

vegemite makes everything A. O.K. :)

janis said...

mmm french butter.

hope tomorrow is better!!


Annabelle said...

Hello Lindello: How do you know vegemite!? Are you an Aussie?

Janis: Yes, I think my butter to cracker proportion was like; "Do I want some cracker with that butter?"

Sloan said...

Hope your weekend was much better. The down days are no fun, but make the up days that much more spectacular.

Liz Lemon reminds me of myself to the nth degree, and is always good for a laugh when I'm down. My favorite episode: when she's trying to get a condo and ends up drunk dialing the condo board.

Anonymous said...

All you need is a snuggie... that of course you would be wearing as a joke!

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