Friday, October 02, 2009

Autumn Brings? A Cold.

As the seasons begin to change, leaves fall auburn and crisp and the fresh wind blows in... illness! Over the past few weeks everyone around me has been sick - I've been dodging landmines.

Photo from KateMcP; ressembles very much my sick bed today.

Now it's hit me and I want to know from you all; what are your flu/cold remedies?

I always go for;
  • Hot water, honey and lemon.
  • Hot soup of any kind (today it was lentil).
  • Some 30 Rock re-runs, if anyone can make me laugh when I'm feeling under the weather, it's Liz Lemon!
  • Laptop and internet! (Essential).


Char said...

those sounds really like my go-to remedies. and tissues with lotion in them are also essential. along with ginger ale and some sort of sherbet.

Anonymous said...

When I am sick magically some Chinese Short Soup arrives at my house and makes me feel so much better!

Sloan said...

Boo. Hope you get to feeling better soon. My strategy lately has been to drink as much steeped ginger with honey as possible once I feel a cold coming on--it feels like it burns the cold out a bit.
And Liz Lemon will definitely help seal the wellness deal. Tina Fey is brilliant.

i'm janis... said...

this is maybe after the fact, since i'm assuming you're feeling better. but last spring i had a horrendous cold and one of the regulars at my restaurant suggested i take "cold fx" {she even wrote the name out on a piece of paper for me....which makes me thinks that she was worried about me spreading germs while serving her food. but i was washing my hands lots!!!}
anyways, i took it, and i soon got better, but i'm not sure if it was because the cold was at the end of it's course or really the medicine. next time i get hit with a doozy, i'll take the stuff RIGHT away and see if it helps!

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