Friday, October 30, 2009

Tagged: 9 Bizarre Facts About Me

Lovely Janis (who has a most fabulous up-and-coming blog) was kind enough to point the "tag" torch in my direction; I am very flattered.

So readers, here are 9 things about me that I hope you will find surprising:

Me and my guide flying over Interlaken, Switzerland (I really want to learn how to Para-glyde by myself!)
  1. I flew (para-glyded) over a beautiful town named Interlaken yesterday afternoon - it was amazing and I didn't get scared one bit.
  2. I lived in Singapore for the first five years of my life (but was born in Australia).
  3. I cannot have an evening without a pot of tea; incidentally I can't start the morning with anything else.
  4. I fall in love with pretty much each place I go to in the world. The exciting strangeness of all things new excites me.
  5. I just had a dinner of; chocolate, german biscuits, sesame biscuits and two apples - yes I have a mega sweet-tooth.
  6. I have many ambitions in life, sometimes I get so overwhelmed by them that I just think perhaps I'd be just as happy in life opening up a cute tea and cake cafe somewhere in the world...
  7. I really respect Marilyn Monroe, mostly because I love how she flaunted her curvaceous body. I really hate today's annorexic and overly adrodgynous female figure projected by the fashion world.
  8. I love TV! And I'm not ashamed to say so - I think people who don't own a TV and proudly declare this fact think they're too good for the real world.
  9. Around this time last year I was afraid to be in a "real" relationship - for fear of losing my independence. Now? I love being with "P." - and have not lost a shred of "me" but uncovered so much about my amazing Mr.
Now that's enough egoism for me - I'd love you all to tell me something about you, even if it's just one bizarre fact.


Char said...

love these facts - I agree about Marilyn and this weird world where a size 4 is considered too fat. we cannot keep shrinking and why in the world would the media reinforce everyone feeling bad about themselves. I'm a tv junkie too.

what's more bizarre than hating raw tomatoes but loving ketchup? LOL

janis said...

excellent list my tea-drinking friend!

up-and-coming - you're too sweet!

rachel said...

Thanks for sharing! Loved reading these little facts about you. I love TV too, and I agree with you that it can be a little off-putting when people proudly announce they don't own a tv.

Maggie May said...

You are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome post, not egocentric at all. I loved getting to hear a bit more about you!

As for me I have to have the radio and tv volume on an even number. Odd?

Lizzie said...

Hehe you really are awesome, miss. I've started a blog for my S. American adventure, so I can post as me again! xoxo

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