Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fashion Self- Concious

So, tomorow I'm leaving for Paris for the weekend and then I'm on a plane to Athens to visit my parents and grandparents who are going on a cruise from Athens around that side of the world.

Added to all the excitement of all the travel and seeing my family is...

...the chance to meet two of today's fashion & blogging heavyweights, Garance Doré (who is launching her new t-shirt line at Colette) and Scott Schuman (aka. The Sartorialist). They'll both be at fashion/concept store, Colette from 3-4pm tomorrow.

However blogger's, herein lies my dilemma.

What do I wear to greet the King and Queen of fashion!?

Would love some advice...


Hello Lindello said...

eeeep! I am SO jealous. What an amazing opportunity. You MUST blog about your experience when you get back!

As far as clothes. Garance LOVES heels, and every woman looks great in the them so definitely wear heels. I would go for something simple and chic. Heels, skirt, black, maybe a loose button up tucked in a skirt? Simple chic. Good luck! You will look amazing no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Wear what you think is a bit unique, show your style!

Char said...

Black with really cute shoes and accessories

Le Journal de Chrys said...

King et Queen!!!!
A ce point là????

Kimberlee said...

um, WOW!!! what on earth did you wear bella?? - so jealous of your travels. Been following a lot via twitter.

Shop is keeping me crazy busy, apparently I have a full time job as well - eeks! x

Annabelle said...

Thank you for your style tips all! In the end went with my favourite high waisted flared jeans, a simple t, a navy cardigan, paisley scarf and random brooch :-)

Kim: Glad shop is keeping you busy! It's so cool! I browse on there often. Haha and how is your job going?

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