Sunday, October 11, 2009

Someone Told Me There'd Be Sun?

When I arrived back into Lille last night I was greeted with bucketing rain stark difference to the lovely lovely warm weather in Athens.

I had a lovely week being spoilt and loved by my parents and grandparents, and the whole week I tried to dine on delicious creamy Greek yoghurt and sweet nectar honey :-)

Am missing this view that I saw each morning from the top of my hotel.

Also, found this great lolly/biscuit/sweet deli down the road from our hotel; it was dangerous, their florentines and greek shortbread were to die for.

The front of the delicious shop.

Yummy choice of all sorts of lollies.

A type of hard (almost stale!) bread used for dips etc.

Also visited the new Acropolis museum, learnt some amazing things about the Greek culture. I never realised really how ancient their civilisation is... I never stopped to think of this; but you know that the Greek language came before Latin?

Tell me, what happened in your week? Am still catching up on all of your fabulous posts I missed!

Yassu (goodbye in Greek)!


The Daily Poster said...

Hey there Annabelle, thanks for stopping by. Your place is wonderful!

janis said...

oh it looks like you had such a lovely time!
i can't get over your view...incredible!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to there!

vodkamom said...

that looks amazing!!! Next time I am coming with you.

Char said...

your week looks much better than mine - yum

A "cheery" disposition said...

that is anamazing view to have in a hotel.

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