Thursday, October 15, 2009

Speaking Arabic... in France

While studying here in Lille, I decided to take a class in "Arabe Débutant" or Beginners Arabic.

So far, I'm absolutely loving it. I have a great interest in things to do with the Middle-East; the culture, food, language (obviously), politics, religion etc..

The Sunday farmer's markets in the multicultural Rue Gambetta.

Today, I went to my Halal butcher in Rue Gambetta (a great food strip 5 mins from me) to buy some lamb & kept thinking "I should speak some of the little arabic I remember", but reserved-ness got the better of me.

So, when I went to the Arabic epicerie next door I decided to throw myself on the line. Blame it on the smell of Raz-El-Hanout in the air.

I said hello to the man in Arabic "Al-Salamo-Haleiqum" *(roughly the english spelling) and it was very well received - we had a really nice chat.

My lesson of today; don't be reserved in any situation, you never know what walls you may be able to break down.

What did you learn today?

انابيل كاريتر - my name in Arabic.


janis said...

i had no idea you are studying in suis extrêmement jalouse!! how long are you there for?

i'm just wrapping up my french major, and am hoping to get to france this summer...i hope it works out!!

i studied with a moroccan guy two years ago so i learned a little arabic & ate a LOT of amazing moroccan food. DEFINITELY would love to visit there too!

good job being so brave!!


Char said...

me - nothing really

but I think it's great that you are tackling this - it looks very difficult

Anonymous said...

great advice - fortune favours the bold!

dangercharlie said...

that picture of the market stall look fantastic!
beautiful colours.. esp with the sun shining on it.
You must have been up early!

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