Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Butter. The Others Aren't Natural."

Another reason I love Switzerland; their government actually advertises butter.

Whilst other countries train stations are packed with warning adverts about "the perils of H1N1" (overhyped, but don't get me started), the Swiss are promoting the health benefits of beurre, our beloved butter!

The billboard I snapped in the Geneva train station. It reads "Butter. All the others aren't natural."

A long time advocate for butter over "low-fat, high-omega, flora, olive, chemical " spreads it was like Switzerland had just said those three special words that every girl wants to hear...

I love butter.

Now tell me, are you a butter fan?


janis said...

definitely a butter girl!!

in american vogue june 2009,Jeffrey Steingarten did an article on brown butter...i've only tried the oatmeal cookie recipe so far {the flavour was DIVINE but they were a little dry} but i'm dying to explore brown butter more extensively!

rachel said...


I'm neutral about butter. But my cat, on the other hand, looooves butter.

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

the swiss sound like my kind of people.

Maggie May said...

Love buttah!!

Anna said...

I had a feeling I'd like your blogland when I stumbled into it.

Now that I know you are butter lover, I think we may just be fast friends.

As my grandmother used to say, "Good food is made with love and butter." Amen to that!

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