Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He's Here!

Image from Grinham.

... and I couldn't be happier!

We reunited at the train station like in all those movie scenes.

I was marching up and down the platform, my stomach was doing backflips and there was visible cold air pouring from my mouth.

A few minutes in and a late train announcement - I had to hold onto my butterfly-y/nauseated/excited feelings for a few more minutes!?

Then I heard it, then saw the lights and finally the train was in view. The windows streaming past my face. Then I saw him, P., behind the train window. He smiled and waved, I became a crying mess.

I peered through my leather gloves, which were covered in wet patches from me trying to hide my tears, as the train came to a hault.

After the family in front of P. had finally finished unloading their 15 suitcases of all different sizes - no joke! (This part was also like a movie, more of a comedy though), a handsome man emerged and I almost hug-tackled him right onto the tracks!

We kissed, between my relieved sobbing of course, and it was so lovely... but we didn't lie about it - it was weird for the first hour or so. The words coming out of his mouth weren't skype-delayed, it was amazing!

Now, it's just like normal, I've promised we'll never part that long again (almost 4 months).

Have any of you done the long-distance thing? How long?

How was it when you finally saw eachother again?


Anna said...

such a sweet story! I have unfortunately spent about half of my relationship long distance; last year was 850 miles away (longest time apart=12 weeks NOT TO BE REPEATED!!!! ;) and this year we've whittled down to 300 miles. being able to be together every other weekend seems too good to be true! It is hard and bittersweet a lot of time, but I have learned exactly how much this boy means to me and will never take him for granted! Enjoy your time abroad, it's so important to be able to live independently and know who YOU are by yourself!

janis said...

what a lovely story annabelle! i hope you guys have the very best time! xxx

Lizzie said...

This made me cry, I'm so glad he's over there now. Hope you two have THE BEST time xoxoxoxo

Sloan said...

This made me cry, too. I've done the long-distance thing so much (and continue to) I can completely relate. I agree with what Anna said--good for you going abroad even though you were in a relationship. To experience such an adventure alone is a priceless gift to yourself, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.
My husband and I are split for work quite often. He's in one place studying, and my job is on the other side of the country. It really does make our time together so much sweeter.

marseille said...

my husband and i were a part during my semester studying abroad. he was working a very demanding job on a yacht as a deck hand at the time so he wasn't able to visit me. i would have loved to experience a train scene like that one. 6 months later we were engaged. crazy!

Anonymous said...

What a lucky boy to have such a lovely gorgeous girl!

Shokoofeh said...

It's really sweet and lovely Annabelle! :) So happy for you! :)
and yes we are in the same train, long distance thing!!! ;)


Natalie said...

how cute! loved ur story, so touching! :)


Annabelle said...

You are all so lovely! As always your comments touched me, but especially these :-)

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