Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Update

Let's ignore that absence and promise to be friends once more? I've been a bit ill these past 2 weeks... darn winter.

But, I have many things to share with you! Last weekend P. and I celebrated being together for one year by having a lovely getaway in Paris.

It was beautiful, fun and filling! We found so many great foody places that we are, of course, preparing a post to share with you on our blog.

Also, the Christmas markets have now begun in Lille - lots of hot chocolate, pain d'epices and christmas tat!

But for now I leave you with a valid sentiment;


Char said...

lol the poster made me laugh.

hope you have a beautiful weekend and you're feeling so much better.

happy 1st!

mart and lu said...

my life consists of to do lists too! i don't feel complete without them!

janis said...

okay...i suppose we can be friends again. :)

un weekend à paris avec ton petit ami...tu es très chanseuse ma belle!


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