Monday, November 02, 2009

Switzerland in Photos

Well I'm back from my Suisse trip, and what a great time I had.


Click on the collage to enlarge.

Click on the collage to enlarge.

Suisse - Cultural Observations;
  • The Swiss have a better level of street and town cleanliness than France do.
  • The Swiss people are more laid back than the French.
  • Most people who live in Geneva drive lovely cars; it's like a European car showroom on the street! (Porsches, BMW's, Mercedes etc...)
  • Prices for most things are a bit more expensive in Switzerland.
  • Their chocolate is yummy as are their cheeses (truffle cream brie, delicious!)
  • Their landscapes are breathtaking and untouched (Interlaken).
  • It isn't too cold during the day, their sun is strong, clear and beautiful.
  • It's really green in the countryside (Interlaken, Berne etc).
  • Their trains are very efficient.
  • The German they speak in some parts is different from "normal" German (they most commonly say "Merci" instead of "Danke").
  • I love it there and am planning my next trip as a skiing one when the Interlaken snow fields open up!
Tell me, how was your week & weekend? Have you started planning your next holiday? Share...


Shokoofeh said...

Hey it sounds amazing! :)

Vodka Mom said...

I was in the mood for a little field trip this morning!

Thanks for delivering......

Char said...

oh gorgeous!!!

so gorgeous - I want to go on a holiday to some place beautiful like this

Hello Lindello said...

what a trip! sounds like the perfect place to go. I will have to venture there someday :) Glad you had a wonderful time!

Lizzie said...

I can't believe you went paragliding, so adventurous! Went on a skiing holiday to Zermatt with the fam a few years ago, it really was incredible! Amazing scenery, great powder and challenging runs. And amazing food too! xoxo

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

that sounds amazing; i wish i could travel somewhere so interesting.

spanky* said...

luvly! i want to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Geneva looks like my kind of town... skiing in Switzerland... doesn't get better than that!

Eleanor said...

so beautiful!!! I was lucky enough to go to Switzerland last year - Jungfraujoch is just amazing beyond words and Basel is a beautiful city. :-)

Anna said...

Truffle cream brie?? Oh mercy. If western Europe only had cheeses to brag about I'd still adore it.

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