Wednesday, December 02, 2009

C à Qui? Latest cast-crush.

Over the past few months while living here in France, I've begun to sink deeper and deeper into French culture.

Of an evening I love to watch this émission (programme) called, C à Vous. There are about six or seven regular hosts who sit around a dinner table, while a chef cooks in the background and each night they have a new guest (actor, singer, writer, politician etc...)

I love the fact that the food plays such a central part in this relaxed approach to news/current affairs.

I also am so intrigued by one of the chefs - Julie Andrieu. I think she possesses all of that french Je ne sais quoi. She has a great figure: How the? What the? She's always cooking and eating! Hello French paradox.

Actually I'm intrigued by all of them; they're my first "cast-crush".

Anyway, I'm definitely adding Andrieu to the perennial list of "Guests to Invite to Dinner", maybe she could cook.

Who are you intrigued by of late? What's your favourite T.V. show at the moment as well?

P.S. When P. and I were in a restaurant in Paris two weekends ago, one of the men who is a regular on this show was sharing the same long table as us - I was beside myself!


janis said...

that sounds like such a cool show...i love the conversations that transpire over good food.

i just finished a sex + the city marathon. honestly, what an amazing show. i love love love it. and i think i might just start watching season one of 30 rock tonight...

sarah said...

this show sounds so interesting! like eavesdropping on a private dinner party.

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