Monday, December 21, 2009

Favourite Things About Christmas #5: Lunch

Number five on my favourite things about Chrismas is; Christmas Lunch. I love sharing laughs and a love-filled meal with family and friends on Christmas day.

As I've said, my Christmas this year is with P. in Paris - a dream. Our apartment here doesn't have an oven, and as we're here for Christmas day - P. and I were stuck as to what we'd be making for our Christmas lunch. But it came to me - a lamb tagine slow cooked on the stove.

Images from Greg Robbins on Flickr.

So we're going to do a Moroccan-themed Christmas! We've convinced ourselves it's closer to the "real" roots of Christmas, Jesus of course was from hot, middle-eastern Nazareth in Jerusalem, right!?

We'll put couscous on the side, chickpeas, raisins and wash it down with some mint tea...

More importanly what's a middle-eastern dessert I could make?

What are your Christmas/Holiday plans? Where will you be/who with? And eating what?


janis said...

i love your moroccan christmas idea! it makes me think of that moroccan nights office episode.

oh i think we're having a pretty traditional christmas feast - turkey, stuffing etc. absolutely stoked!

Char said...

family...and we're eating steaks instead of turkey

Being Brazen said...

A morroccan themed Christmas sounds fabulous.

Because its hot here we always end up having an outdoor braai/barbeque type thingy.

this year I think we going to try have a more "traditional" sit down christmas lunch

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

MadiWoody said...

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas :) Sounds like it will be wonderful! I will be with my maternal granparents, my mum and my mum's fiance for a traditional Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings. Then boxing day with my dad and co x x x

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome, I love tagines!

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