Friday, January 22, 2010

In a Nutshell: Healthcare

While P. and I were in D.C. we stayed at a wonderful inn, the owners were lovely and inspired great conversation. The hot topic? Politics and the recent loss of the long-time held Democratic seat in Massachusetts.

After a month of travelling the U.S. I am finally beginning to understand this health crisis.

Below left; Republican Scott Brown centrefold in a 1980's Cosmopolitan magazine. Not very conservative of him, was it?

To others out there who don't quite get "The Healthcare Drama", here it is, in a nut shell; the U.S. does provide all citizens access to public healthcare.

What this means is that almost everyone must buy private healthcare (and pay around $500 a month p.p to keep it!). If they do not have private healthcare they can recieve treatment from a hospital, but the sad eventuality is that they will be faced with an enormous medical bill (cancer treatments can easily hop into the millions).

Losing the Democrat seat in Mass. threatens Obama's plan to provide American citizens with public healthcare.

Now there is a major scramble,as the Democrats try to assemble some sort of healthcare reform before the voted in Republican, Scott Brown (the naked guy above), takes his seat.

What are your views? I hope all Americans gain access to healthcare - one of the largest countries in the world - it seems backward that their own citizens suffer.


Char said...

i agree, we need a health plan but perhaps not so expensive as this one is going to be.

katie t said...

no comment.

don't EVEN get me started!!!

ps how are you by the way. i sort of disappeared for a while but am slowly coming back.
did you have the best time on your trip or what?!?! awesome!!!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

I agree. US...needs a healthcare system that isn't run by Greedy insurance companies....because insurance companies don't have care about anyone, just interested in making their money.

Jen Ramos

laboursoflove said...

Perhaps we take it for granted here in the uk that healthcare is free. I hope that the US progresses with this and comes up with a solution that suits the majority. Good Health is a basic human right after all, for the people not the fat cats.

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