Sunday, January 17, 2010

The President and the Queen descend on D.C.

I interrupt this blogging drought to bring you an announcement - P. and I were just dining at the same restaurant as the Pres. B. Obama and his wife!

We're in D.C. now and by chance ended up at Nora's. Inside the restaurant were the famous couple celebrating Michelle Obama's 46th Birthday. For us, it was a delicious dinner - and DAMN exciting one too!

*Update*: Unfortunately the Secret Service men pushed us all so far away that we couldn't get any great snapshots ourselves, but here's one featured on the HuffPost.

After finishing our delicious meal, we waited outside for around 20 mins and saw the couple walk out, Pres. Obama even gave a good wave to the 40 deep crowd that had gathered there to watch him exit the restaurant.

The street block and, secret service feeling-every-patron-up as they entered the restaurant didn't do a great job at hiding the fact that the Pres. was inside - but there was a great buzz in the air.

An amazing start to our 4 day stay in D.C. - on another note, I also met Queen Latifah tonight (before BET awards) - this city is awesome.

The Queen and I.

Will keep you all in the loop, news and tips on where to go/eat on NYC coming up... what have you been up to?


sarah said...

that's amazing!
what an exciting day!

Maggie May said...

NO WAY! I don't believe you. YOu didn't dine near PResident Obama. Did you? NO! Really?

Anonymous said...

how exciting for the two of you to see them so close a meal you will never forget I am sure

Char said...

how exciting!!! both - the almost dinner with and meeting the Queen.

Anonymous said...

sexy madonna

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