Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E-Type is My Type

I'm not a car gal, but I've now found two cars that make me weak at the knees. The first was the beautiful Citroen DS and now it's the Jaguar E-Type.

My three loves in two photos; P., Jaguar E-Type and Paris!

I first laid eyes on this beauty whilst wandering the streets close-by the Eiffel Tower in Paris with P.

He immediately knew what type it was and all the specs, I immediately knew I needed a new car!

When I head back to Paris (with more permanent living plans), this car will certainly be on my list of things to buy.

It's a strange love - not like any other materialistic one. Are you gaga for any type of automobile? Or perhaps a motorcycle?


L_Dreams said...
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L_Dreams said...

THAT is one niiice car. But for me it has to be the Citroen 2CV
What a beauty!! Also a fan of the Citroen DS though.

How long were you in France? Did you find it seriously improved your French immersing yourself in it all?

L x

Char said...

i used to be that way about the jag...but now not so much. i love my little jeep.

Anonymous said...


Red Lipstick Style said...

these are lovely! I so enjoyed the cute little cars that I saw in Paris. I love that fact that the Parisians appreciate a smaller car (I say that but I own a Lexus RX300...but also a Pruis, that's small!)

Your blog title caught my eye, so I had to drop by. I adore lists of all sorts, what a great idea for a blogging platform!

Anonymous said...

once in a lifetime one must own a soft top just for the excitement it brings....

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