Monday, February 08, 2010

Travel Tip # 3

Don't ask, don't get.

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This little piece of advice not only adheres to while you're up in the air, but when you arrive at your destination too... just ask. What's the use in wondering?

Anecdote # 1: P. and I were staying at a hotel in New York City where we found our room to be too street noisy and a little shabby. We asked reception the next morning if we could get a quieter room and they upgraded us to a much larger suite. Just like that.

Anecdote # 2: Also while on the flight from Honolulu to Auckland, I asked the airhostess whether they had any vegetarian meals, "No," she said with care, "there are none left in economy but when first class is finished I'll go and check up there."

Ask questions. Don't be afraid. The worst they can say is no.

.,.However I'm still waiting on that day when I ask to be upgraded to first class and it works! Has it ever worked for you?


Anonymous said...

At a resort on check in, I once asked the cost of upgrading from a garden room to a beach front. They upgraded me at no extra cost.

I often ask for a flight upgrade but have never been given one...yet.

Andy said...

TRUE! you waste so much time complaining when you can just simply ask. This happened when I was traveling with a friend. she kept complaining about our seats on the plane and there was this empty row that's so much better. she kept moving in her seat, making noisy grunts, hoping someone would hear and when i got quite annoyed, i just simply asked the attendant if we could transfer, and she said yes. that easy!

Char said...

nope, never have - a co-worker gave me hers one time when i was sick. it more more than nice - it was very nice.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a good source that upgrade on flights is discretionary only... all the frequent flyer status etc doesn't add up for much... nicer you are to the check in staff the better I guess!

Anonymous said...

Always ask it is the only way....

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