Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travel Tip # 4


E.T. and Steven Spielberg, photo from Case X.

Okay this is more a tip for long holidays, but we realised how cheap postage was both in France and the U.S. and decided to send home gifts or bits and bobs we'd accumulated.

Yes it may've cost around $50 each time but if you realise how much you must pay for overweight baggage on international flights - this is small change (on Lufthansa each kilo over will cost you 40 euro - that's around $70!)

Sending things home also lessens the fear of losing things along the way, if you have lots of hotel stops.

Have you done this before? What's the cheapest country regarding postage?


Ann Marie said...

what a great idea! i didn't think of mailing things rather than hauling them along with me. i'll have to give this a go next time i travel.

Andy said...

i definitely do this when i travel to the US. Cheaper and less worry.

Char said...

i've read that before but never have done it. i do remember a co-worker doing that one time when we were traveling near christmas and she did her shopping on the road.

Anonymous said...

Genius! Nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you are at the check in with heavy bags!

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