Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Travel Tip # 5

Take lots and lots of photos.

A collage of the many-a-bizarre photo taken by us.

Take photos of your meals - it's a great way to remember them.

Take photos of small things; wildlife/strange billboards/interesting people/anything that's different - not just the national monuments are worth photographing.

If you photograph anything that grabs your attention, you'll have a bunch of free/individual/memorable souvenirs when you arrive home.

Make sure there's always a person in your photo - it's more interesting.

This travel tip goes out to my blogging friend Char - a fabulous photographer.

What do you love to take photos of whilst travelling?


L_Dreams said...

I adore this blog, it's so lovely!

L x

Char said...

you're so kind...you really are. i love taking travel photos too.

thank you for taking the time to make my day. i needed a shot in the arm.

Anonymous said...

it is nice going through holiday photos, brings back so many memories!

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