Monday, March 01, 2010

A Boulangerie Teleporter

The past week has been an absolute blur... Uni started again, P. moved to an apartment in a wonderful neighbourhood and my lovely Granny arrived from England.

I've been running to keep up with it all - but here I am. Tired and wanting to hear from all of you.

Image from jmvnoos.

First, a quick story. I love where P.'s living. The first morning there (Saturday), I went out to get us some fresh croissants from the French boulangerie up the road. Everyone who works in the bakery is French.

I bounded in the door and may has well have been teleported to France. I ordered croissants and some bread, all the while chatting in french to the native French speakers. It was strangely comforting - I was in Australia, speaking French and it couldn't have felt more "right".

Anyway, what have you lovelies been up to?


katie t said...

missing your adventures....ALOT!!!

and catching up with my "french-canadian" friends because of the olympics and speaking some french as well....

tu est un tete de maird.....LOL hehehe so jk!!!


A home far away said...

What a lovely blog you have!

Hugs Gumilla in Singapore

The Duchess said...

Beautiful! Who knew you could get a little authentic taste of France down under?!


Maggie said...

So love this little spot. Have a great day!

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