Monday, March 08, 2010

Death by Laptop

I didn't realise until early last week just how much of my life revolves around a machine.

My laptop has died - and with it has gone much of my inspiration.

From - a wonderful collection of retro computer ads.

Luckily I have most of my files backed up, and will be able to access the rest of my files because the hard drive didn't "drop off it's perch".

However, this will mean a continued lag from blogging until I track down a new one (hopefully next week!)

So far I like this one.

What computer/laptop do you use? Can you recommend any?

Tell me honestly; does a tiny piece of you lie in the contents of your computer/laptop?


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your laptop! hope you find a good one soon. :)

Char said...

oh no! I love my sony vaio. before i got this, i had a series of hp's that i had to replace almost yearly. this one is fantastic and it's about to be three years old.

katie t said...

a tiny piece????

no comment but lets just say that between that and my iphone....i'm screwed!


Anonymous said...

I do have a penchant for sony Vaios... i think i am just compensating for my desire to make the switch to a mac...

The Duchess said...

I had a nice Compaq Presario which lasted me five years, it finally gave up the ghost and I'm going MacBook this weekend - could not be more excited. if it's as great as my iPhone, it's like meeting your soul mate, but better. ;-)

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