Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make Your Own Adventure

At the moment I'm really inspired to cook everything myself.

I'm on a "Make Your Own Adventure" discovering just how much a normal, domestic cook can make at home.

Maybe I'd be as happy as this woman if I made my own olive oil? Image from VintagePosters.

I want to; make my own butter, bake my own bread, create my own pasta, make my own soft drinks (like ginger beer)... I'm even trying to get my head around making my own chocolate - anyone done it?

I'd prefer to use up my time in order to make something delicious and special - rather than buy something prepackaged and uninteresting. I think the quality is always better when you've made something yourself.

I'm also inspired to make everything myself because of one of Michael Pollan's "Food Rules", #39 Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself. The caveat is probably "in moderation" - little does he know I'm determined to cook all of my favourites!

How do you feel about packaged foods?

Have you tried making butter (or anything labour intensive) from scratch?


Char said...

i just don't have the access to stuff to do it myself and my schedule just doesn't allow it. but i love going to the local farmer's market to buy from people that do.

Barbara said...

You'll love the butter :) I want to make my own cheese someday.

janis said...

you are so ambitious! good for you!

i want to make my own pitas one day soon! i saw a recipe on - i don't htink it would be that difficult and they look AMAZING!

katie t said...

wow! WAY TO GO!!! and no. maybe one day??!??

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