Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sex and the Noughties

As the next installment of the Sex and the City film begins rearing it's box-office, hype-building head... I've noticed I've not the same buzz for those four gals as I have had in times passed.

A few reasons ran through my mind, but when I watched the latest trailer it smacked me in the face; they're getting too old to be doing what they were doing. It'll be like watching my mum sleep around now - not good.

Before anyone of an older age jumps down my throat, hear me out, I'm not having a go at mature age actresses. Rather I'm really fed-up with the girls' antics. The end of the trailer alludes to a possible mistake-heated-affair between now married (to Big) Carrie and old flame Aiden. Honestly? After all she's been through with the cheating Big?

It also got me thinking of the SATC girls of today. If the producers were to recreate the series with today's late 20 early 30-somethings; what would be the main archetypes?

Here are my guesses based on the fads/trends of lifestyle in the noughties:

Carrie: obsessed with alternative fashion (indie/hipster labels) rather than the big brands.

Charlotte: into "being green" and interested in sustainable food.

Samantha: probably still a PR girl, who loves her men - her character is still current I think.

Miranda: still a rigid lawyer - again her character is still fairly current.

What traits do you think the "noughties" SATC girls would have?


Char said...

:) i agree - i think they said it all with the original movie - it was a love letter to the fans that gave us all we really wanted. i never wanted carrie to end up with aiden...and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't sleep with him. besides, wasn't aiden married and had a baby? that was in the series.

carrie instead of writing for a paper and then books would be a major blogger and, then sell books from that. instead of being attracted to the real estate guy that is so smooth, she would be in love with a world renown photographer.

i'm sure that charlotte would home school her girls and they would be taking dancing lessons. ever the perfect wife.

i think today's miranda would be gay in real life and would have a committed partner in life - raising her child by 'steve'.

samantha would be a very successful publicist that would have men clamoring to be with her. and yes, living life on her very own terms.

Annabelle said...

Love these "noughties" SATC character ideas! All SO spot on, Miranda would def be gay, Carrie would be a blogger like Julie Powell - who rises to fame in an instant! Thanks, as always, for your input :-)

House of Milk said...

I fully agree! When I saw the trailer for the second movie I thought, 'really? are we really still wondering about Big vs. Aiden?' Kinda lame, if you ask me.

Teresa said...

I'm such a sucker for SATC. They can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Absolute Novice said...

Bahaha I think you have summed it up nicely! What you have written is very true!
Although I am a sucker & would love them if they all wore paper sacks and danced around like looneys..
Well maybe not, but I'm still a big fan!

dangercharlie said...

That is such a Samantha thing to say.

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