Monday, April 12, 2010

Tech-Anxiety Killed the Radio Star

I had university radio prac today and wow was it a whirlwind! My entire body was tense with tech-anxiety.

Image from child of the 50s.

Bloggers, I may have fooled you into believing that I'm all tech-savvy just because I use Twitter and have a blog, but no.

Anything slightly technical; pushing buttons to switch from phone to computer, quickly hanging up the phone, adjusting the recorder on screen - sends me to nervous land. Technology can simply be so unreliable... things have changed since Edward R. Murrow's time.

People on the other hand, I can handle. I enjoy cold calling unknown contacts in search of a good quote.

I have prac for the rest of the week, and going by today I think I'm really going to enjoy it. It felt really rewarding to just start with a story concept in the morning, and have a complete news radio package by lunchtime.

Will keep you posted... what have you all been up to?

What has got you all tense at the moment?


Anonymous said...

Work is always keeping me busy but outside of work life couldn't be better!

Lew said...

Hey, that's me in the pic! For the record, I didn't understand anything behind those gee-whiz equipment panels either.

Lew (child of the 50s)

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